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This little book of extracts from " The Piney Woods Clarion " is issued at the suggestion of a number of readers of them as they have appeared from time to time in the INSURANCE HERALD. No man understanding the business of insurance from the company's point of view will probably ever be able to know exactly what the great army of the assured think of it. Some hints of their opinions may come to him occasionally, and "The Tiney Woods Clarion" conveys them with naive and business-like innocence. The extracts must be considered the current history of insurance in the town of Piney Woods as it appears week by week in the columns of the local paper, the editor of which is also one of the two resident insurance agents.

A great philosopher of old hath said: " Put thou my tears into thy bottle—not in thy book," and certainly there are no tears in this ; not even a moral nor any instruction, unless by the chance of things. One of the most substantial of our contemporary philosophers has said of these sketches that they " are full of genuine humor and a deal of suggested wisdom withal." That kindly line of sympathetic. approval excuses this republication and also makes it eminently the office of grateful appreciation to dedicate this volume to


The Accomplished and Veteran Insurance Journalist. Louisville, July 1, 1896.

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