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Insurance at

Piney Woods.


LAST month in our capacity as local agent we accepted the agency for Piney Woods of a certain would-be great I-Am British Co. that claimed in its papers to be big enough to carry a good line. To give it a start in good Piney Woods business we wrote a $I,5oo slice on Jeff Hooker's sawmill. About two weeks after a young dude with his face shaved clean and gold frame blinkers on his eyes come around and inspected Jeff's Mill and ordered us to cancel off. Well, the last fire in Jeff Hooker's sawmill was more than a year ago, and the rate, $11 per hundred, made it good enough for us, so we never canceled, you bet, We simply wrote the home office that they had better call that dude in with a dog whistle and chain him up, he was spoiling good business for the co. The home office turned out to be

as bad as the dude and said cancel, louder and shorter than he did. So we done it and Jeff has got his $165 back and our commission with it. And the company has got its agency back. People here in Piney Woods wants to insure things that are combustible, and we

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