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don't want to represent a company that wants a lead-pipe cinch of the whole premium. Our experience may be limited as compared with centers like Atlanta and Shreveport, but we don't find people crowding into our office asking for policies on family burying vaults, turn-pikes, sand-banks, rock-quarries, horse ponds and such like non-hazardous risks. There ain't a more liberal-handed citizen of Piney Woods than Jeff Hooker. Every time he's been burnt out he was insured up to the hilt, showing what he is worth as a liberal patron of the insurance business. A company that can't write Jeff's sawmill and that don't advertise in the CLARION can't get a place in our agency again.


MRS. ED TRIGG, whose husband died only three weeks ago, has put a card in the Piney Woods Bee thanking an old line life insurance company for paying up a policy of $2,000 and claiming that life insurance is the widow's best friend. Maybe it is, and we reckon that she would rather have the 2,000 plunks than to have Ed back again. Ed had a whisky soak that made mosquitoes drunk when they socked him. Of course the widow is not advertising her $2,000 as a bait for No. 2.

Oh, no (! ! ! ). The funny thing to us is that people will pay old line rates for life insurance when we can sell them endowment bonds in the Progressive Proviident Guild for $30 a year, maturing in four years(guaranteed) at face value of $I,000. If Ed Trigg had took two of these out instead of his old-line tontine or pontoon policy twelve years ago he would have had his

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