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$2,000 in his pocket eight year ago, and might have consumed mint juleps at leisure afterward. He might have died just the same, but his widow wouldn't be publishing matrimonial advertisements under the disguise of a card of thanks. Keep your eye on old-line companies.


THE local board at Sweetwater is suspended. It is a rule of the insurance trust that no local board can be

organized unless five companies are represented. Ed Beaseley, when he is sober, has been the only insurance

agent at Sweetwater, and he had all five companies. He was president, secretary and treasurer of the local

board, and drew one per cent of his premium receipts for board expenses. Last Friday a frog-legged special

agent, wearing knee pants and riding a velocipede, sneaked in on Ed and found him too drunk to do busi-

ness with. Ed had been to the free-silver barbeque and got his share of coming prosperity in advance. The special agent (representing a company that never paid us a cent for advertising) took up his supplies, tied 'em on his cross-bars, climbed up on his baby carriage, humped over and sailed out of town. When Ed come too next morning the local board was busted. He can't make a rate or allow an expense till he gets another company.

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