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the Piney Woods Board of Trade and explained how rates was to be lowered down and young Pimples was cheered on with resolutions. After about a couple weeks of rating and drinking around cheerfully he got through and went back to Atlanta and last week the new rates come along. The deficiency charges was all

right—nothing but little fly specks, but the basis rate was up in G. No paid fire department, no water works,

no hose reel, no automatic alarm, no settled arrangements about regular rains—total basis rate $3.10. This doubled

up Piney Woods rates. Take the CLARION office, which has always been carried in Lloyds and mutuals which we represent at fifty cents. Pimples jumped her up to $5.7o on account of " occupancies "—printing office, saloon on first floor, poker room on third floor, retail clothing and gas engine. Of course we don't care be-cause we still hold the old fifty cent rate, but the people insured in the trust are squealing so loud it sounds like a hog-killing day in January. Deputy Sheriff Joe Ambrose and Bill Thompson had a fight about the rate in Joe's saloon and Pikey Bill hasn't been sober or able to breathe through his nose since. There are many inquiries for young Pimples, but he "have not came back yet, Miss Maud." And he won't come either That's the way the trust has. If you don't like it come into the Lloyds at the old rates. We are still doing business at the old stand.

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