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which we have the honor to represent. He has carried an endowment bond nearly one year at a cost of $30, and when the pasty-faced tramp wanted to charge him $43 a thousand for a policy that would not even mature till he died, he struck the wrong nian. Mr. Peebles is posted about life insurance. He just pulled out his endowment bond and asked Mr. Pasty-face what he

thought of it. I don't think you'll ever get it," said he. "Well," said John in his witty way, "if I don't I'll he here to know why, you dumbed fool, while if I take yours I'll be too dead when its due to ever find out whether it's good or not." Mr. Pasty-face had no answer. There are not many men who can get away with John Peebles at quick repartee.


ACCIDENT insurance is what every man needs. Every-body in Spruce county knows Mr. Clarance Watts (especially the girls (?)) the popular calico clerk at the New York Bargain Emporium. This is the largest store in Piney Woods, and every dollar is insured in our agency. Mr. Watts told us three weeks ago he was going to break his green colt in May, and we advised him to take out a month's policy in the United Mutual Accident Association of Hayville, N. Y., which we represent. Clarence is a business man from the ground up and took it, paying in advance. Well, intead of breaking

the colt, the colt pretty near broke him. His arm was sprained, his shoulder dislocated and his left foot

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