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crushed by falling in the crotch of a worm fence. Clarence is laying up in bed drawing his $25 per week and having the girls call to ask after him, and having an elegant time generally. We have forwarded his claim every week, and it is dollars to doughnuts the first week's installment of indemnity will come along in this week's mail.


LAST year, when Ben Adams took out his insurance on his stable he found the Eighty per cent Coinsurance Clause in it. He said he didn't understand it and didn't want it, but Ed Beasley persuaded him to take it be-cause a spider-legged special agent had showed him how it worked. All the insurance you had over 8o per cent was clear profit, if you had a fire. Ben figured his stable was worth about $I,0oo, so he took $2,000 insurance. When the fire came he planned to build his stable again and have at least $I,000 left over to operate on. The same spider-legged special came back to settle the loss, and he figured it out on that particular trip that the stable had depreciated until it wasn't worth more than $800. And Ben Adams would have had to

take it but for the fact that the adjuster was tired of waiting in Piney Woods and kicked at the hotel. He said he had an engagement to take his girl to the theater at Atlanta that week, and as Ben was firm they split at $I,600. Ben lost $400 clear, and God only knows how much the insurance trust wade on the transaction. We line and learn.

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