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THE report that City Marshal Dandridge had captured the Sweetwater murderer last Tuesday was a

mistake. Marshal Dandridge received a telegram saying the murderer was at the Piney Woods Hotel and went there at 2 o'clock A. aI. in the morning to surprise him. Seeing a light in the room at the west corner in the second story he proceeded quietly through the hall

and broke in the door. Instead of finding the murderer he plunged head foremost into the room where the six

insurance adjusters on Clay's saw mill loss was playing poker. A jack pot was on with $I9 up and the draw just commencing. As Marshal Dandridge ploughed in he fell against the table and turned it over, along with the lamp. Quite a little excitement followed, and Marshal Dandridge's left knee cap was badly hit. While he was laying on the floor cursing and hugging his knee a window was heard to lift in the next room and the

murderer made his escape. After he had come too, Marshal Dandridge, like a gallant gentleman, apologized for ringing the game but advised the adjusters to play at Joe Ambrose's poker room, where they would not be liable to interruptions. There was great excitement about the hotel for a while and one of the adjusters claimed to have lost fourteen blue chips in the scuffle and there came near being another fight. However, all's well that ends well, and there was no broken bones and no arrests.

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