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WEDNESDAY evening while Bull Kennedy's wife was at prayer-meeting, Bull undertook to amuse his little son Eddie, aged three, by playing horse. Eddie was setting on Bull's back holding on to his collar and Bull was on all fours prancing around, tend like he was a circus horse. In trying to get a stronger hold Eddie dug his fingers further down under his pa's collar and gouged into a carbuncle that was just starting. The

circus horse rared and charged and, letting off a string of cuss words, bucked so strong that he through Eddie off against the center table where the lamp was. The lamp went over against the wall, exploded and set the window curtains afire. A lot of new twenty-cent roll wall paper and the curtains was entirely ruined. The fire brigade was called out because Mr. Kennedy was nursing his carbuncle so close that he couldn't do anything. Insurance, $400 dollars in the Cypress County Mutuals. Bull estimates his loss over the insurance at about $80. The insurance people figure on compromising the loss at $22 or repapering the front room and buying new curtains.


THE United Mutual Accident Association of Hayville, N. Y., is a fraud that we would have kicked out of our office if it hadn't kicked itself out. This is the company that we wrote Mr. Clarence Watts up in when he was going to break his green colt. Clarence got bent up

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