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WE call attention to the prospectus of the R. E. Lee Confederate Fire Lloyds of Alexandria, Va., published in this week's CLARION, of which we are the agents.

This is an association of Virginia gentlemen of wealth and hospitality, who have formed a fire insurance asso-

ciation to help the developement of the South by providing insurance at a moderate rate. They appeal

especially to the ex-Confederate element of the Southto the patriots that fought with Lee for the freedom of Southern soil from the foot of the oppressor. Let the veterans look at their policies and see how many of them are paying premiums to Yankee corporations that take money out of the South as fast as they can collect

it. And at high rates, too. To such we say, that as agent of the R. E. Lee Confederate Lloyds we intend to give

lower rates, it matters not how low the others may be. Our first intention is to keep Southern money at home to circulate among Southern men. Every ex-Confederate veteran who can show his discharge papers we will give special rates to. Men of the South, who would you rather trust, Yankee corporations, composed of men who fought you in the war, or Virginians of Alexandria, who sympathized with your cause and who suffered with you? We can carry lines of $15,o0o in the R. E. Lee Confederate Lloyds or $50,000 on sprinkled risks. Con-federate buttons will answer if discharge papers are lost. The attorney of the R. E. Lee Confederate Lloyds is Major Fitzroy Talliaferro, the one-legged hero of Lookout Mountain, who lost his leg by falling off the

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