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MRS. NANNIE WATSON received last week the sum of $194.36 in full of her claims against the Farmers Mutual

Reserve Fund Life Association for insurance on the life of her late husband, the lamented Sam Watson, who died last June a year ago. The policy was for $1,eoo, and the actual assessments collected to meet it was $203.50. Deduct 4 per cent cost of making the assessment, gives the net sum of $194.36. Mr. Watson had paid an average of only $28 a year for eleven years,

his payments amounting to $308. Deduct $194.36 from this and it will be seen that he enjoyed the protection of $I,000 life insurance for eleven years at a net cost of only $103.64, or about $9 a year. In an old line company a policy for that amount would have cost him at least $38 a year. This showed what is saved by co-operative insurance. We persuaded Sam to take out this policy and we are proud to publish the following :

"DEAR SIR : I have this day received from the Farmers Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association of the Southwest the sum of $194.36, in full of all claims for the death of my dear husband, Mr. Samuel Y. Watson. Words can not express my thanks. I had given up expecting anything, and your generous settlement came to me like manna falling out of a clear sky. The thanks of the widow and orphans will be yours, and Mr. Watson in heaven will smile upon your good deeds.

"Respectfully yours,

"MRS. SAM WATSON (deceased)."

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