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WE are done with insurance companies that have any connection with the trust. As our friends know we have represented for two months a certain foreign company that we won't advertise by giving its name here. It is a member of the Atlanta trust, but it came into our office and explained to the trust that it done it to keep our business from the Lloyds and told us they done it to get some good business even if they had to shave rates. So everybody was pleased. Last week when John Sandefur's old store house was damaged we started to make out the loss papers. We figured that John would make enough on the claim to fix his building up and be able to rent it and do the town some good, and give the company a rousing ad. for its liberality, when we got a blank from the home office to report the fire on. Being the first loss, we spent a week getting the sense of it, and then we tried our best to make it satisfactory to one and all, to wit :

TIME OP LOSS—Hour. 3 A. M. Day Fire? Yes. Night fire? Yes. Sunday fire? Yes. Holiday fire? Yes.

RISx—Occupancy ? Vacant.

OCCUPIED—Vacant? Yes. Detached? Yes. Ex-posed? Yes. Shingle or other combustible roof? Yes.

WATCHMAN—Was there one? Yes. Was he provided with a watch-clock ? Yes. If so, what kind ? Plain clock. Did he discover fire? No. Did he give

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