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alarm? No. If so, how? How. Did he extinguish fire? Never. Is there reason to suppose he caused the fire? No charges against him.

THERMOSTATS—Did they announce fire ? No. If so, were they ahead of other alarms? "Vol materially.

ALARM—If alarm was not given by private inside watchman or thermostat system, by whom ? A tramp. Was fire first discovered and notice given by city or village police department or by outside private watch-man ? Neither. If not, by whom given ? Same tramp. Was alarm promptly given? Fairly. If not, why? Time lost hunting a drink.

PRIVATE EXTINGUISHING APPARATUS—WaS there any? Yes. What kind? Usual kind. Was it in order? Think so. Did it operate successfully? It did on rates, not on fire. Was fire extinguished by it ? No; it got burnt up with the store. Sprinklers? None in stock. Stand pipes? Yes. Pumps? Yes. Kind of pumps ? Usual kind. Chemical apparatus? Soda fountain at nearest drug store. Barrels? Yes. Buckets? Yes. Were they in order or full? No. Were there any apparent defects in apparatus used or want of judgment in fighting fire? No, firemen were at /heir weekly dance.

CAUSE or FIRE—If not positive, give best judgment after personal investigation 'Avoid use of word "unknown." Unknown. Was cause of fire inherent, direct, remote or fraudulent? We think maybe it may—it is possible.

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