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was their work unsatisfactory in any way ? Best in the world.

WATER WORKS—Was public water supply ample and satisfactory or was any deficiency or defect developed? Finest in the world.

GENERAL REMARKS —State any item of interest not mentioned before. Will gladly furnish all further in-formation.

r,2" N. B.—Would you advise us to insure or decline to insure this party again? Yes, if you want premiums.

WE done the best we could for Piney Woods and John Sandefur in filling in the italics, but the company wasn't satisfied and sent a special agent here to stick his nose in. We told him if he wanted a local agent that would run down the town and the fire department he had better go to Bill Thompson—that we was not in that business. The fire department has all its annual dance posters and invitations printed with us and we believe in live and let live. The special hung 'round Piney Woods for three days, and when he pulled his nose out of John Sandefur's business it made a noise like a mule's foot coming out of a mud hole. John's claim of $409.70 for getting his shingles burned off the depot end of the old shed was beat down to $32 and John had to take it. After the agent took up our sup-plies we resigned the agency. There are things our local pride will not let us do.

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