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one of the directors of the Tourists', and a finer and more agreeable gentleman God never placed on his footstool. Rates in the Tourists' are lower than in the United, and there are special weekly benefits for policy-holders who are accidently injured in court-day fights.




THERE was a sensation on Court Square yesterday evening when a messenger from the jail run out for old Dr. Brandrigg. It seems that Bill Thompson, who is still in jail without bond for his criminal breaking of the anti-trust law, had his liquor shut off too suddenly and was throwed back into jim-jams by it. The jailer said there was no appropriation for liquor and he being a poor man could not undertake to supply Thompson's thirst just out of kindness, so he was drcve, he said, to letting him get jim-jams so as to authorize hint to call a doctor who could conscientiously prescribe mor

whisky, and then it could be run in under the head if drugs. Dr. Brandrigg felt Thompson's pulse through the barred door, prescribed two gallons of whisky regularly administered, and in two hours Thompson was sleeping like an infant. Ed Beasley refused all liquor, but asked kindly for a prayer-book. Jailer Frank Boone is going to send over to Sweetwater to-morrow to see if he can find one for Ed.

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