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Mr. Ben Logsden, Worthy High Recording Agriculturist of the Governing Grange, told us that no question of raising rates was even mentioned. What they did talk of and what they done was a different thing. They will keep rates where they are, and instead of raising anything they will reduce the payments under claims. Mr. Logsden said they fully appreciated the fact that in

these hard times—with Grover Cleveland in the pay of Lombard street, a free silver bill way out of sight,

though still to memory dear, and Democracy stumbling about in a swamp of Discord every dollar left in the farmer's pocket was important. The Farmers Mutual could not and would not ask for a single dollar more

from the aged and suffering certificate holders; hut the beneficiaries, being mostly young and healthy persons, could spare something without feeling it, and the payments under the policies would be cut down a matter of only about 50 per cent until times looks up. Nothing fairer than this could be expected, and no member will be compelled to give up his insurance because rates has been raised. The Farmers is not freezing out its old policyholders. God knows it wants all it has and all it can get. As we said, the liars will have to get a new text. We advise 'em to try the truth for a change. If they think the Farmers is going to take advantage of its old members or squeeze 'em out, they little know Mr. Ben Logsden, the Napoleon of life insurance in the Piney Woods district. The new ad. of this association in the CLARION to-day speaks for itself. With its contingent mortuary assets of $2,200 counted at par, it has a clean surplus of nearly w20o.

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