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The tale that John Scudder is telling around this

town, that our Lloyds never treated him right about rates, is simply a lie, and John knows it. The facts are

that John came to us last week and said he wanted to put his saddler)' and harness shop in our Lloyds as a

rebuke to the trust, if we could do as well by him as the trust co's. We asked him what rate he was paying,

and he said, carelesslike, I.6o, but under the schedule rating of the Atlanta combine he thought he could get

it down lower and would see. We forgot all about Sam Sturgis being left in Bill Thompson's office while Bill

is at the sanitarium. Sam Sturgis don't know anything

more about fire insurance than a hog does about chicken sandwiches. Mr. Scudder goes up to see Sam and

asks him what he could do about getting his rate down. Sam looked over the schedule and says, you can get 25

cents off for fire shutters. But John says, My eye, but the shutters will cost me more than the premium. Same against same on automatic sprinklers, night watchmen, fire doors, chemical engines, etc. Then Sam finds he can get To cents off for water buckets with plain water in. John Scudder went off and bought a bucket, filled it with water and set it in the shop, where Sam called and inspected it and allowed it. Then, instead of taking out a policy, he conies to us and says that Sturgis had guaranteed him io cents off the rate for every water bucket he put in and his mind was made up to put in sixteen buckets and get his insurance free, besides owning the buckets outright. He wanted to know if we


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