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would do the same by him. Of course we couldn't do that—it wouldn't be business, and John Scudder knew it. We offered to do the best we could and make a rate of 5) cents. That is our standard rate, which we make for our friends and people who positively refuse to pay any more. But John wouldn't listen to reason and said he would buy the other fifteen buckets and go in free with the trust. He done it and Saul Sturgis give hint his policy. The company seat it back, and told Saul he was a fool and that to cents was all that was allowed off for all the buckets. Then Mr. Scudder conies back and wants to get into our Lloyds at 50 cents, and we refused —gently, firmly, but, you bet, refused. He's been go-around lying about us ever since. He's got fifteen water buckets for sale and he had to pay 1.50 rate when he could have got it for 5o cents. Schedule rating is a great scheme. If Sam Sturgis had a little more brains he would begin to understand how to sneeze when he caught cold, and with him it would amount to an intellectual operation.


The Piney Woods Board of Trade has woke up. Since the Vicksburg Board of Trade got up a state insurance

law the business men of this town concluded not to get lost from the procession. Col. Alexander Bowie, the eloquent orator, genial statesman and champion par excellence of free silver, has, at the request of the Piney Woods Board, drawn a bill which he will introduce at the next legislature, if he is elected. As the candidate of the Populists his calling and election is sure—the .

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