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sary to catch any particular company he may be after and which company may seem to him to be getting the start of this act by reason of any previous instructions not applying to that case ; and if, after sufficient effort, he becomes satisfied that he can not fully catch up with any company under any instructions he can frame, then he shall have power to throw that company out of the state and forever prohibit it from transacting business in said state, excepting, of course, that such company shall be compelled to pay all claims against it.

Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of said Commissioner to study up the Three-quarter Value Clause, Three-quarter Loss Clause, Three-quarter Salvage Clause and Co-insurance clauses, all and singly, by which the said insurance trust takes advantage of the assured, and pre-pare and design such other clauses and require their insertion in every policy as will offset these and give the assured that fair and equitable advantage over the trust which was contemplated by the fathers in the Bill of Rights, and for which our ancestors fought at Runnymede, Bunker Hill and Bull Run. Any company refusing to leave out or insert any clauses considered necessary by the commissioner under this section shall be thrown out of the state and fined in such sum as will satisfy said commissioner.

Sec. 4. Any company having a loss under any policy shall pay the whole sum expressed in its policy without delay ; except in case of partial loss, when the matter shall be referred to the Insurance Commissioner who shall decide in a sum that shall make the assured whole and a little over, as just damages for loss of time.

Sec. 5. No insurance company shall be permitted to resist payment of any loss by appealing to law, or shall harry or pester the claimant by forcing him to law.

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