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The Insurance Commissioner shall fix all rates, adjust all losses and decide all disputes ; provided, he does not take sides with the trust against any citizen of this state. And his decision shall have the force and effect of an execution without appeal. And the company shall pay at once.

Sec. 6. The salary of the commissioner is not fixed by this act, because it can not be decided whether any commissioner to be elected under it will be a poor man with a large family or not; but said commissioner shall be entitled to fix his own compensation at a reasonable and fair amount necessary for the support of his family (including blood relations), and shall pro rate the same equally amongst the companies transacting business in the state. And they shall pay the same. If it turns out that any commissioner under this act has miscalculated, then he is authorized to make any additional assessments deemed proper for his necessities.

Sec. 7. All companies shall be subject to these laws, except fraternal life associations, state mutuals, Lloyds and the Monarch of Alexandria.

Sec. 8. All laws in conflict with this act, including Federal laws and the laws of other states, are hereby repealed and annulled.

Sec. 9. Whereas, there being an immediate necessity, this act shall take effect from its passage and extend back in its provisions to help any citizen suffering in past years from the operations of the trust.

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