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a cash surplus of $4,542 and the policy go on. Here is the way the estimates compared and we rather think that, when it comes to estimating, the Waugoo Bankers and Capitalists is up in G :

BHnker,, mid C.■ lIigl-Prir.   ui V i gou, .\ Ia.

Premiums per $1,000   $ 42 73   $   29 20

Cash pay at end . . .   6,705 00   7,602 00

Cash surplus   3,900 00   4,842

< o Paid-up insurance . .   9,100 00   10,325 67

Our figures surprised him and he asked us how we done it. We told him as we tell one and all, that it was ' by keeping the money of our people here at home among ourselves where it was badly needed and where he knew that 12 per cent could be got for it easy NN bile the Yankee corporations only counted on getting 432 per cent. He asked us why they didn't get more. We

winked and said maybe they did and Mr. Hanks, who is nobody's fool, but one of the most elegant and far-seeing business men of Piney Woods, saw through it at once. " D— their souls," he says, " they must make a divy of the difference." He took our policy at once and it is salted away in his safe drawing compound interest so hard that it sounds like a cheap watch being wound up. There are other people here who ought to take a lesson by Mr. Hanks. People come to us for estimates first and then go to the high-priced agents. Of course they get better estimates; but if they will give us the last chance we will make all other estimates look sick. Be-sides when the time conies around for settlement where are these other companies? Thousands of miles off and nobody with any influence to get what's due you. These Yankees care for nothing but your money and only pay you what is actually coming to you. You

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