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might need more at the time but they care nothing for sentiment or friendship. Here among the hospitable people of the sunny South we know a gentleman when we see one and no man is more welcome to the Bankers and Capitalists Life than blr. Lewis Hanks, the well-known creamery proprietor and canned vegetable manufacturer. He also gets the CLARION for one year free.




THE FACTS IN THE CASE.—The article in the Bee of why we was unable to get out the CLARION last week was such a tissue of lies that it disgusted the better class of our citizens. The only fact in it was that we had had a fight with Pikey Bill Thompson on his return back from the sanitarium, where he has been taking medicine for whisky bite for three weeks. The facts of the matter is, that Thompson come up to us while we was playing checkers in Argo's saloon and asked us in a bluffing way why we had put it in the CLARION that he had jim-jams.

We asked him sarcastically which article he referred to, when, without any fair argument, he called us a white-livered, blue-nose pup.

If we had jumped up and hit him then it would have mixed up the checkers so that the game couldn't be finished, so we restrained ourself and merely considered the source.

Then Thompson, no doubt thinking we was afraid of him, tapped us on the jaw, and as our chair had only

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