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three legs, we fell over. We started to get up with our mind made up to maul the head off him, but as we was raising we happened to remember our three accident policies.

Quick as a flash it dawned on us that if we broke our hand or wrist on his thick head we wouldn't get a cent of indemnity. Throwing all sentiment aside we concluded to look at the situation from a business stand-point as a business man, and while we was doing it, Thompson, afraid to hit us again with his fist, kicked at us The Bee in its lying account says that there was the print of a hand-pegged shoe left on us at a point where we could not see it, but the simple fact is, that the foot merely scraped us as we started to roll over, and Thompson kicked himself into a summerset.

By this time we had calmly thought over our position, and as a business man determined to protect our accident policy, as we knew it would take sledge hammers to hurt his head. So getting to our feet we started off, leaving the checker game unfinished. Rather than go through the saloon where Thompson might be fool

enough to follow and break the bar fixtures, we went through the back yard and climbed leisurely over the fence. The beer bottle that Thompson threw never hit us at all, but, just as we got over, the fire bells started for Sam Stone's fire and then we went on a run. It was lucky we did, for it was while running that we fell and broke our left leg.

It was purely an accident, having no connection with the fight in which we had been engaged, and therefore not coming under the head of "intentional injuries."

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