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The accident occured while we was in pursuit of our regular occupation as a journalist going to report a fire. If we had been afraid of Thompson and was running away from him for that reason our policies might have been viciated, but as a matter of fact we had been care-fully protecting our policies and had protected them against any chance of " intentional injuries." It was only when we began hustling in our legitimate occupation that the accident was met.

Seventy-five cold plunks per week for us. Bill Thompson gets nothing but rectified bug-juice at Argo's, where a few bums set 'ern up because they thought he " served us right." If it had not been for our conscientious desire to protect our policies, Thompson would be in the hospital now. As it is, he will be back at Elul Grove sanitarium soon. We will be out again in a few weeks. If more people would think of their accident policies they would make more money out of insurance. It is the great home protector.


WE were setting in our arm chair at home last Friday, with our game leg stretched out on the bench, reading up on free silver and the wrongs the gold bugs are putting on the masses, when the Elm-street Baptist church bell began to toll old Nace Embree's funeral. It was a coincidence, because old Nace was the king bee gold bug of 'em all. He was the meanest man in Spruce county. The Baptist bell seemed to toll pretty lively, too, more like a celebration than a funeral. We set there and heard the hymns sung and the preacher rum-

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