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Court had decided it was against the law. He wanted to know what he must do because all his policies was fixed that way. We asked about two questions and we saw that the trust was at the bottom of it all. They have wrote all the polices they could with these clauses and now they goes to the court and gets 'em knocked out. 'We told Mr. Bills we could put any sort of clause he wanted in our Lloyd's policies and asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted both the Three-quarter and the Coinsurance Clause and any other good clauses that would help hint. He said he didn't understand any of 'em but now that he found out the trust companies did not want to have 'em his suspicions was aroused and he was just bound to get policies of that

kind. Mr. Bills was not old enough to be a Confederate soldier, but his uncle, old Uncle Johnny Nance, was in the wars and had his discharge. We believe we can get Mr. Bills in the R. E. Lee Confederate Lloyds on that record, and trim him up with clauses that will suit. That's what we aim to do here. It is no trouble to show clauses or to p-ut clauses in or leave 'em out. What we want to do is to satisfy our patrons and learn thetn that fire insurance is like all other business, and everybody is expected to make a profit out of it.


LANDED IN JAIL,—COI,. BOWIE'S GREAT SPEECH Ex-POSING STOCK FIRE INSURANCE.—The criminal proceeding that was brought against Pikey Bill Thompson and Ed. Beasley, the agents of the insurance companies

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