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heinous charge of conspiring, contriving and intriguing by complot, machination and cabal to advance the rates of insurance and to extort money from the citizens of Spruce county, against the peace and dignity of the state as made and provided."

When called on to plead, the little Atlanta squirt, who is sandy haired and wears specs on his nose that set on there without handles like an on-yoke, had a lavender overcoat on his arm and was smoking a cigarette. Squire McBride looked at him a minute and then says:

" Mr. Constable, throw up the window," which when done, he turned again to the squirt and says, looking at him sternly and full of lawful majesty :

Will you throw that segar out or will you be throwed out yourself? "

It was the segar that went out.

The speech that Col. Bowie made for the prosecution, after the plain evidence was in, was one that done credit to the town of Piney Woods, to Spruce county and to the state of enlightenment and civilization in which we live in. Old men who had heard Sargent Prentiss, Jeff Davis and the lamented Bob Toombs speak in their prime, said they never heard anything like it before.

" Your Honor," he began, looking Squire McBride in the eyes and speaking in a low, rumbling tone. " your Honor, it is the oldest maxim of commerce that competition is the life of trade." He paused. It was instant-

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