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whom I shall appear soon as a candidate for re-election. I shall hold the accused over to the grand jury in $1,000 bail each."

The decision was greeted with cheers. It was after-wards found that the Atlanta dude had melted the wires to Atlanta, asking help, and the trust there telegraphed him bail. He hired a red buggy and returned back to Sweetwater. Beasley and Thompson are hung up in hoc awaiting a return of confidence.

Those wanting insurance of a purely mutual or Lloyds character should patronize the CLARION agency.


WE have always contended, not only as local agent but in our editorial capacity, that there would be a profit for all in the insurance business if fairly con-ducted. And now a pamphlet has fell into our hands that proves it. It is by a man that we understand is connected with a New York insurance company, but whether fire or life we don't know, as no company of that name has ever spent a dollar advertising in the CLARION. But we will give it the free puff of saying that its man has not only got sense but sand. He comes out boldly and argues that foreign British companies should be taxed to per cent on their gross receipts so that American companies would have to pay but 2 per cent on what they make as profit. We have always been for free trade, free silver, and home rule, but we say amen to that. There was a man come through here

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