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last year that called himself Resident Traveling Secretary of a British company and he showed us some papers

about the British insurance companies. The amount of money they have got locked up is simply scandalous. When he found we was interested he showed us how the British companies had stopped counting money by dollars and weighed it by pounds. And where an

American company has got a dollar of assets the British company has got a pound of 'em. He said more-

over that you couldn't tell whether it was a pound of gold, or silver, or shinplasters, so as to keep the people

in the dark. We might find out what a pound of gold was worth, but if it was a pound of shinplasters no

earthly power could tell unless the denomination of the

notes was known. This man was a Petersburg, Va., gentleman in whom we had every confidence, except his hiring himself for British gold to this foreign company.

Yet with all this money these companies are as greedy for rates as if they was in need of cold victuals. We can not begin to charge as high rates even in the Con-federate Fire Lloyds as these foreign companies grind out of the people. Moreover their rates vary, while our state charges them a flat, level tax of only 23 per cent. While we approve of Mr. Evans' idea as a start in the right direction we don't think he goes far enough. These people if taxed ten per cent in their assets could be milked of enough revenue for the state to turn back to the people all they pay for premiums and a surplus besides, not counting what would honestly fall to our share from the losses that would be collected from these same companies. In this way the state, the people, the

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