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companies, the claimants and all would prosper, including the uninsured, whose taxes would be reduced down by the revenue from this source. The companies wouldn't mind paying it either, because they would make it up somewhere else. Anybody familiar with fire insurance companies knows that no amount of taxes, or licenses, or losses can drive 'em out of a place when they have once got their fangs in. It has been tried in of companies that said they would pull out. But when the dust fell there was the companies moseying around Tennessee and a big dust was throwed up by the howling in the same old manner, yanking a little business in an honest way and managing to eat hearty on a steady loss ratio.

VALUE OF CARRYING FIRE INSURANCE. BUSINESS in Piney Woods is awful dull, and if the free

silver bill doesn't pass Congress soon there is no telling where things will stop. Mr. Prather Williams, of the

Chicago store, dropped in and took out another policy of $2,000 on his dry goods Tuesday. Ile says be hasn't been able to collect a cent lately and that Yankee jobbers are worrying the life out of him to pay for his goods. He says he aims to carry just a le-e-tle more insurance than his goods is worth, so that if a fire was actually to happen his commercial honor would be safe.

Mr. Williams is one of our best citizens, and he wants to help the insurance companies, his creditors and him-self if the fire fiend ever visits hint.

LATER.—The Chicago store burnt down Thursday morning about two o'clock. It is thought a tramp set

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