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fire to it as Mr. Williams, who was waked up promptly by the hells tolling "fire, fire," says he saw a strange man running away rapidly up Turkey creek road. Loss $13,000; insurance about the same. With his usual hustling ability Mr. Williams has rented the old nigger Methodist church, and expects to open a brand new stock next week. He says he will lose only about



AS SooN as our game leg will permit we hope to visit

the Atlanta Exposition and call on the insurance magnates there. In times past we have worked as local

agent for all the managers there. The only fault we ever found with them was that they thought they could

set in Atlanta and know more about fire insurance in Piney Woods than we could, although we was horn and

raised right here in the place. When they wrote for their supplies they always assured us that they esteemed

us personally and hoped to know us better. The letters of recommendation we have got from companies that have pulled out of our agency would fill a scrap-book, and we are proud of them as showing that however much they differed from us on business, personally the writers was all friendly. It has been our hope to get among them and as soon as our leg knits a little stronger we are going. We have wrote to our old friend Bill Hanks, General Pass. Agent of the Great Waugoo roa(', for a pass and it ought to be here in a week at the outside.

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