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WE lost another English company from our agency last week through the freshness of the manager. When the Hicks Brothers' store fire broke out, Dan Ruggles, our office boy, who we had left in charge of our insurance matters whilst we are laid up with our broken leg, came galloping up to our house and asked what he was to do. We told him to notify the company promptly, by telegraph, of the loss. Dan galloped back to the office and sent off this telegraph :

"Fire just broke out in Hick's store. Looks as if it would he confined to the building. You are on under policy I208231."

Then Dan went out and watched the fire a while, and, seeing that it was booming. he sent off another telegraph :

" At this hour looks as if it would spead to adjoining building. If it does it hits you again under policy


It seems that when Dan went out after this to look at the fire he met Colonel Bowie and some other gentle-men, who were drinking and criticising the fire department. Their arguments, which he listened at closely, convinced him that the danger was growing right be-fore him. The chief of the fire department was only partly drunk, and was able to set on a dry-goods box across the street and give orders. All this seemed to rattle Dan, so he goes back and sends off this third telegraph to the home office:

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