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" Glad to hear fire was put out before it consumed our surplus paying your telegraph bills."

That was all. Not a word of thanks for promptness or anything else, and when the smart Allec adjuster come along two days afterward he took up the supplies and told Dan that he couldn't afford to keep a hustler like him in the business. " The fact is," he says to Dan, "I'm afraid you'll get my job, the company is so stuck ou your promptness, and I'm taking up this agency for my own protection." We believe it was only sarcasm. but Dan is mighty proud of it.

Colonel Ed Jones, who has an accident policy in the Tourists Mutual, was in to see us yesterday, with a claim that beats us. He stumbled down the front steps in the morning, hit his mouth on the railing and smashed his new $12 set of false teeth. We told hint frankly that we never had had a claim like that before, but we filled up a blank claim for him and recommended it to the company. We don't say he'll get it. and we didn't promise him anything, as he will bear us out, but it's well worth trying. Twelve dollar teeth don't grow on bushes around Piney Woods.



EXAMINING THE FARMERS MUTUAL. WHEN the new insurance law was passed by the leg-

islature last winter we expected trouble, because we couldn't understand it and we didn't believe anybody

else could. The consequences is that last Friday a tall. thin man looking like a head mourner at a funeral arrived here and called on Bro. Ben Logsden, Worthy High Recording Agriculturist of the Farmers Mutual Reserve Life Fund. He said his name was Paulhamus

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