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will average themselves and the pay tallies will average themselves, and every member gets the same even crack at luck in the round-up."

\Vhat do you do with the deferred cross-mark members? "

"That goes to the officers for expenses," says Bro. Lodsden, " because it wouldn't do no great good to any body to go and reopen accounts with beneficiaries after the assessment was once paid, and the officers must live and that is all they get, and they don't get that generally till after cotton has moved pretty brisk."

Old Paulhamus then wanted to see the other books and the reserve and surplus accounts, but Bro. Logsden told him there was all the books and accounts right there before him iii the one book, except a box-full of thankful letters from widows that he might read, if he had a mind.

" Well," says old Paulhamus, " that beats me for simplicity."

" Yes," says Bro. Logsden, " that's my own system ; what do you think of it?

"It would be manifestly improper and irregular," says old Paulhamus, " for me to express any vieN\s or opinions, save and except those which I any expected to officially transmit to the commissioner. These must first be submitted to him in courtesy. I do not mind saying, however, that your system is stronger in benevolence and less clogged up with the cast-iron rules of business than most old-line companies."

He shook hands with Bro. Logsden and ourself, re-fused a drink with courtly politeness and went off on the Waugoo & Black River express. The harmers will get a great sendoff if this actuary chops to his lines s he spoke 'em.

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