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COLONEL BILL IIANKS, General Passenger Agent of the Great \Vaugoo Road, has been busy for the past

week taking Grover Cleveland and his Lombard street pets to the Atlanta Exposition, and hasn't been to his office. That, maybe, accounts for why we received a

letter from sonic young whipper-snapper in his office

turning us down for a pass to Atlanta. The letter says: " We know of no reason why a trip pass from Piney Woods to Atlanta should be issued on your application. Our system does not advertise in your paper, and at this time of the year we are not making new advertising contracts." Don't know of no reason ! Well, we have sent this letter back with another to Bill Hanks marked " strictly personal." We went to school with Bill, and we never paid a dollar in our life to ride on his road. Maybe our confidence in Bill Hanks is doomed to be shattered, hut it is our earnest belief that a smart Allec is about to be billed in his office.




BRECK SANDERS' widow is hot enough to take the curl out of her bangs, and has sent us a letter wanting to

know why the Farmers Mutual Reserve hasn't paid her husband's life insurance money. She says she notices that Mrs. Sans Watson has been paid, and in a rounderbout sort of way suspicions that Mrs. Watson being young and pretty has something to do with it. Now that our attention is called to the matter, Mrs. Watson is younger and as pretty in her black dress as a

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