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cigarette photograph. And Sam Watson was the only husband she's had yet. Mrs. Sanders had two husbands before she got Breck and it seems to us she ought to be satisfied without trying to work the last one too strong after he is dead. Besides Mr. Sanders has only been dead five months. Sant Watson was planted thirteen months before the life insurance flowers blossomed o'er his grave. Mrs. Watson was glad enough to get her money then. It makes life insurance money sweeter to get it after you've give up all hopes of it. The Farmers Mutual Reserve is all right, and we say to Mrs. Sanders if she will hustle the wash-tub patiently for a few months longer she will hear something to her advantage. We will add in a facetious manner that she ought to he willing to let Mrs. Watson have a fair start for husband No. 2 before she ( Mrs. Sanders) goes out dragging the river for a No. 4. No harm meant.


SOME people grow down instead of up, and the bigger they think they are the smaller they get. Such is

Bill Hanks of the Great \Waugoo Road. He took Grover Cleveland to Atlanta, and wined and dined him,

while the poor free silver people of that state was suffering for food of the poorest kind. When Bill had

took Old Grover back to Washington it is said he had to come back South by sea, because his head had

swelled so it wouldn't pass through the tunnels on his own railroad. We reckon this report is true. About

the time such people swells up they begin to forget their friends. Bill Hanks has refused us a pass to the

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