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" They are all right, I reckon, but the adjusters from your companies have not arrived yet—we are on the other losses."

The doctors worked two days with llr. Bumfelder. When the other adjusters come he made thew make affidavits before he would negotiate on anything like a social basis as before, so much was his confidence shook. The suit is to recover the cost of the champagne and segars sent to Mr. Shanks by mistake. The law point involved is, whether Mr. Shanks' company is liable for the acts of its agent in benefiting by this mistake.




A FEW weeks ago when we and Col. Alexander Bowie hustled around and got bail for Bill Thompson and Ed

Beasley, the tools of the insurance companies in the

trust, there was a big rukus raised by some smart people here in Piney Woods who said we (ourself and

Colonel Bowie) had been bought off. hor ourself, we

did not care for such talk, being used to it, but Colonel Bowie, being a candidate and needing votes and plenty

of them, it bore down on him pretty heavy. We knew what we was doing, however, and we got bail for Thomp-

son and Beasley on their promise that they would break up the compact or we would surrender the hail and put

'em back on pork and jail whisky again. Well, the compact is busted and while Thompson and Beasley

done it and we helped, yet all the credit of it we give to Colonel Bowie, who needs votes. Everybody knows

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