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Our Lloyds and mutual rates is still below the trust company rates and we intend to keep moving 'em down and keep there. Patrons of the CLARION office will please remember the old stand.

Vote for Alexander Bowie for the legislature.


THE excitement created in Alt. Zion Campbellite church by Elder Ben Eaton's preaching Ed. Busby deceased's funeral last Wednesday has split that peaceful congregation up the back and life insurance plans are being searched more than scriptures. Elder Eaton used to be a regular preacher, but three years ago he got switched off the narrow track of salvation by the slick manager of one of these high-priced life insurance co.'s that throws around big estimates and gives out mighty small ads. Elder Eaton was offered more scrip and purse than a meek and lowly preacher ought to hanker for, to sow tontine seed and a crop of twenty-year estimates among the faithful Campbellites, and he done it. Ed. Busby took out a $2,000 policy two years ago, and when Elder Eaton heard of his death he hustled around to the widow's cottage and gave her a draft for the claim before she had made up her mind about her mourning traps. Elder Ben has got a sympathetic swell in him that beats the tremolo stops up in the Episcopal church organ and he wormed it out of the widow that Ed. had another $2,000 policy in another company, and so he offered to preach the funeral sermon in the absence

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