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of the regular pastor, Rev. Patterson, who had hurriedly went to the Atlanta Exposition about the time it began to look like the Georgia legislature was going to close up the Midway. Then he proceeds to draw up a receipt for the claim that the widow signed through her tears and made out his co. to be the widow's and orphan's chest and paid quicker than any others.

The sermon he preached was a good one, too, though people that knew Ed. Bushy better than Elder Eaton ever did, said it was a 1-e-e-tle bit over strong on his piety, which a man that had been in politics for twenty years, as Ed. had, couldn't be expected to have too much of. The trouble commenced when he let loose on the deceased as a husband and provider. "•A busy man, he was, and liberal, as you all know," says Elder Eaton, " butt not so busy or so liberal that he neglected his duty to his own. Two years ago he took out, in the great life insurance company which I humbly represent, a policy for $2,000, and I will now let his poor, bereaved widow tell you what it has done for her."

With this Elder Eaton pulls out a piece of paper and after wiping his eyes and his specs reads out the receipt :

Received of Elder Ben Eaton for the Great Megatherium Life Insurance Company, $2,000, in full of claim under policy No. 2157612 for $2,000 under the twenty-year providential increasing and final distribution plan. And I take pleasure in adding that the immediate payment of this sum has soothed the widow's grief and assuaged the orphan's tear. If the policy had continued to its twenty-year maturity I ant satisfied that, with

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