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of the Gigantic Di notheri urn Life Insurance Aggregation of All Civilization (Unlimited) the sum of $2,651.20 in gold in full of all claims under policy No. 35229671B, for $2,000 in said company. I can not let the opportunity pass without thanking the company for the timely payment iii cash instead of compelling a heart-broken widow to discount a draft or wait for collection. I will say also that this policy has been in force but four years, under the annual dividend and continuous compound increment plan, and that although the premium was ridiculously low, the cash surplus and profit amounted to $651.20 as shown in this receipt. As the profit has truly said, " 0 death, where is thy sting, 0 grave, where is thy victory?" In response to the request of the Board of Directors of the company that Mr. Tandy Ellis be respectfully allowed to act as an honorary pall bearer to represent the feelings of the company, I herewith re-quest Mr. Ellis to so act and to accompany the family.


Well, it was hard to tell whether Elder Eaton's face was purple or pink.

"I don't understand this unseemly interruption," he snorted.

" Not unseemly, brother," said the Atlanta stranger, with a gesture of sorrowful deprecation. " Let us vie with each other in doing simple justice to a good husband. Your premiums was too high and distribution day too far off for our deceased brother. But you have done what you oould and no doubt with a cheerful heart. We are glad to be able to do $651.2o better on much smaller premiums. If we could have clone more for this poor vessel of grief without taking from our other policyholders we would have done it. `It is better to give than to receive.' "

Mr. Ellis took the widow to the cemetery in the finest hack in Piney Woods. It is said he had wrote $22,000 in applications up to yesterday, when he was taken down with dyspepsia from the Campbellite dinners he

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