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was invited to eat and had to return back to Atlanta. Elder Eaton, it is said, has given out that he is experiencing a change of heart on the doctrine of predestination and is working among the Presbyterians.




Cor,. \V1I.LIAM SAMPSON HANKS, the popular General Passenger Agent of the Great Waugoo Railroad, got off the Waugoo express Wednesday morning and come straight up to the CLARION office. A lot of bums and trouble-nursers that couldn't raise money enough between 'em to carry an industrial policy from breakfast time till dinner run into Jim Argo's saloon across the street and waited to see us throwed out of our own office. ANell, we was there and Colonel Hanks, like the affable gentleman that he is, took our hand and shook it heartily. " To think," he says, "of your writing to me for a trip pass to Atlanta ! Do you think I'm going to have you bothering yourself and spoiling postage stamps writing for trip passes every time you want to take a ride? Here's an annual and I've brought it to you. I thought you had it all the time. I put you on the list myself and when I found the clerk had never sent it I told him his business was sawing cord wood, and he's now driving a street car in Atlanta."

We told Colonel Hanks that we didn't care for the pass but our friendship had been hurt by his letter and then we owned our own mistake about giving him a

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