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bad name at school. It was Ben Banks. no kin at all to Bill, and we don't know how we collie to get them mixed. We are always ready to correct mistakes and it had been our intention to allude to it this week and we do so now cheerfully and under no compulsion. Bill Hanks at school was always loved by the boys as old Piney \Cooders remembers well. Ben IIanks went wrong and moved up North. Ile come back Col. of a Yankee regiment and is yet content, we believe, to live up there among his country's enemies, having married a rich Yankee widow lady with a houseful of children of her own. Well -start wrong, stay wrong.

If there is anything that marks a gentleman it is how they settles misunderstandings. Between Col. Hanks and ourself it was all over.

Where is old Allec. Bowie?" he asks next, and just as we was telling him how Col. Bowie was progressing as the coming orator and free-silver statesman the door opens and in walks the colonel.

"Allec. Bowie," says Col. Hanks, playfully, raising up, " I don't know whether I want to speak to you or not. You are so busy making a national reputation as an orator and statesman that you never have time to come to Atlanta to see me."

"And no pass to come on, either," says Col. Bowie, significantly.

" Well I give up!" responds Col. Hanks as he set down wearily. "I put both of you on the list and, if it's the last favor I ever ask, I'll get Joel Hurt to turn that dam

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