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notice that when a gentleman is traveling alone he occupies his room about two minutes a day except when

sleeping. The rest of the time he's in the bar or playing billiards. But you pay' a dollar a minute for a room

that ain't being used up."

After talking freely for a while Colonel Hanks settled right down to business. IIe had come for two purposes. One was to get more terminal facilities for the Waugoo road for the benefit of Piney Woods (and he hired Colonel Bowie as attorney-right off hand), and the other was to put an ad. in the CI,ARfox to make his road bet-ter known to the public. IIe took a quarter of a page

for three months.   Now about the Mayor and council," he says. " From what you all have experienced

I'm afraid that dam clerk hasn't sent a pass to any of them. If I live to get back to Atlanta I'll kill that clerk."

It was to arrange all this that the banquet was held at the Alvarado Hotel that night. The mayor and council, street contractors and chief of the fire department was invited and, after passes had been satisfac torily issued, all hands set down to a banquet containing all that the most desiring taste and thirst could call for. When the segars was brought on, Colonel Bowie cleared his throat and rose.

"Gentlemen," he said, " I give you the health of William Sampson Hanks, of the great financial world ;—Bill Hanks, the friend and associate of our boyhood. When he moves among the great he is William Sampson Hanks, but at home he is Bill hanks—the Nancy Hanks of the Great Waugoo Road, whom we love and cherish."

Colonel Bowie was plainly overcome and set down

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