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meat. Jim Argo in front of his saloon was passionately arguing in favor of a united country and he said that when the first shot was fired the intended to take his shot-gun and hunt for Webb Mandeville, the English watch-maker, who owes a bar bill unpaid. He argued he would do the country a service and get satisfaction besides. That night Bro. Ben Logsden, of the harmers Mutual Life, come to our house and pointed out that if Mandeville was killed the harmers would have to pay his wife his policy and it would break the company, as it had not yet entirely recovered from the assessment to pay Jolly's loss last August. He will take out an in-junction against Argo if things looks squally at Wash - ington. It only shows how our great insurance interests are bound up with our national life. Upon an English-man's life depends the life of a great Piney Woods enterprise ! Business says protect Mandeville ; patriot-ism says give Jim Argo leeway. Between the two we counsel patience and caution at Washington. If the adjusters of the British insurance companies are to stop coining here the Alvarado hotel bar will quit heavy loser.




Outs contention that there ought to be a profit for everybody in the insurance business still goes, and the

nearer it gets to that the better all will be satisfied. There is never any kicking when all are prospering and making money. We was much interested day before yesterday by the particulars of a new fire insurance company which was given to us by a gentleman whose

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