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of the fact that he done what he could to avoid commercial dishonor and tried to improve his condition. There is plenty of insurance companies ready to take a man's premiums but unwilling to settle with him if

they can get a hole to crawl out of."

Blue as this picture is there is plenty of business men

knowing Nvell that it is not overdrawn. Now the remedy

for it is the " Reinsurance Fire Association for the Assured," which, according to our I'etersburg,Va., friend,

will work this way : When a business man finds out he is compelled to realize, and makes his arrangements accordingly, he can, through this new company, rein-sure himself against failure. He will he required to take out regular trust insurance of not less than full value of his property, being allowed a decreasing percentage on his reinsurance rate for every thousand dollars he can pile on over full value. Then, if his fire is put out and his financial ruin precipitated, instead of having a claim against the trust companies he will have a claim against the Reinsurance Association for the full amount. Of course it must he shown that he has used due diligence in setting the fire and has practiced no fraud in getting it put out. This is right where the moral hazard of the new scheme will come in. There will no doubt be many that will try to work it for false claims. Of course all business transactions between the assured and the company's adjusters will be strictly confidential and on a basis of business honor.

When we asked our informant if there was business enough for a company like this, the said there was enough to fatten ten companies on it. He said he could take Patriarch Hine's Book of the Fire Loss Peerage and drum up business enough for one company in three

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