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months. It looks to us like a good and leasable scheme, providing there is enough of it to work an average on. We could throw a company like that some first-class business right here in Piney Woods. We are promised a good ad. when it starts and all will be kept informed of this important new enterprise.


AT the end of the first year (only seven months in fact) of our management of the district agency of the

R. E. Lee Confederate Fire Lloyds the premiums was i936.10 and the loss ratio about $4,000 ill round numbers. We can't give exact figures of losses because none of them have yet been settled. Major Talliaferro, manager of the Lee's, is holding to the idea popular in many parts of the South that no place should be assessed

to pay losses elsewhere and aswe have not had a chance yet to raise premium receipts up to the point where

they will pay the losses in this district things is neces-

sarily at a dead-lock. All of the claimants have been jowering at the Major by mail and lie has been jowering back at them, in an entirely polite manner. There is much to be said on both sides. In his last letter the Major speaks out patriotically against the desire of Southerners to kill a Southern and ex-Confederate institution by undue pressure for payment. He points out what is true that if the fire had occurred without any insurance at all the claimants would have been worse off than they are now. They would not even have had a claim with which they can hold off creditors by complaining about it. On the other hand the claimants

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