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and mutuals has done this, and we never remember of hearing that any of them had to call on the guarantee fund or if they did it wasn't there. All Henry wants at the start is the sound confidence of the public and it is our belief that a guarantee fund will command it. Of course to people acquainted with a guarantee fund it is a mere formality, but the general public is profoundly impressed with it, not seeing any string.

Anyhow, all that remains to be done is for the finishing touches and details to be worked out and the Fire-side Home will be ready for business. It will be funny in a few years to bear nothing about tontines and dividends. And all the estimates will be on how long a man thinks he will live, and what the accumulated unpaid premium drawback will be. The longer a man lives the bigger his policy will want to be so that his family will gut more net. Perhaps hundred thousand dollar policies will be as commou as blackberries then.


AFTER the Spruce county compact was busted and the rate war come on between Pikey Bill Thompson and

Ed hieaseley and rates had cone down so low that some poor people was buying insurance policies to paper the

rooms with, we warned our friends to look out. Thompson was issuing policies in Lloyds and cos. that we never heard of. Ben Jesse had a fire and took his policy and claim for $250 to Thompson and got word that the

company had broke the week before.

"What the h—11 did you sell inc the policy for?"

asked Ben.

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