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"Lemme see," says Thompson with sarcastical coldness, looking over his book—" Oh, yes, I sold it to you

for $1.25 premium 011 $500."

"And you told me it insured me," said Ben.

" It did—then," snaps Thompson, " but I never heard that it insured the company. That got burnt up by too

many losses."

That's all Ben Jesse got. Of course his claim was

reasonably loaded for stray adjusters, but his actual net loss must have been $17 or $13, not including his

premium paid in cash, which was a total loss.

Abner Pedigo had his barn burned and he rooted out

a policy in a New York Lloyd for $Soo. He wrote to the head man several times but he could not get any

reply back. Then he rooted up a Lloyd book from some special agent and wrote about his loss and claim to the head subscriber. Last week he got an answer that was as follows :

DEAR SIR : Your letter of the 24th inst. apprising me of the loss of your barn by fire reached me yesterday at my country home. Your misfortune caused me much pain i1I which my family participated. We have a near and dearly prized neighbor who recently suffered the loss of his barn in a similar manner. It was a much more valuable barn than yours, but I can fully appreciate that your little property is as much to you as his was to him. Therefore I can fully sympathize with you. But do not lose heart ; reflect that what sometimes seems deepest misfortune is but the chastening hand of Providence. By economy, frugality and industry you can replace the barn in time, and when you do I would advise you to try and make it fireproof.

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