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Abner went straight over to see Lawyer McBride. Now what can I do with a letter like that?" lie asked.

" Well," said McBride, after reading it, "you might, frame it and hang it up at home."

" But what good will that do me ? " says Abner, hot in the collar.

" It may not do you ally good," says Lawyer McBride ;

but think of your grandchildren, Al). If you don't file that letter away iii the family archives some of 'em might grow up without ever dreaming what a d—d fool their old grandpop was ! "

And that's all Ab. has got.


Mr. Joe Meadows, who went into the insurance business a month ago, has quit. He got the agency for two

or three companies that was anxious for a slice of good Piney Woods business, but he couldn't get any of it for

them. His experience is a bitter one, and shows that there is not always honor even among companies in

the trust, where it would be thought the unholy purposes would hold them to a fair divide. Joe quit

list Monday, throwing up his supplies, and at once went on a bat that set the lower town precinct in excite-

ment. In Joe Ambrose's place he showed a copy of the application and oath he had been made to subscribe to under compulsion, the copy of which he took in his

own handwriting from the original, which he said Bill Thompson nude out, and which Thompson and Ed.

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