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Beaseley administered unto him. Joe having been in

the toy business and knowing little about insurance, it will be seen what a cinch was had on him. The application was as follows :

Name of Firm-Joseph Meadow's Local Agency. Name of Companies Columbian, Oakland Nome, Pure Tree of Georgia.

Assets of Companies—.'`ever saw any.

Date of Commission—Don't remember.

Do 'ou apply as member of board for city only, or for the county at large?—County.

Does your company do a tornado and marine business ?—No.

Are you married or single?—Married.

If so, are you happy ?—Fairly contented.

Do you propose to pay losses, or have your companies made proper provisions for doing so?—I suppose the companies will pay, I can not afford it.

What are your intentions if the companies refuse to pay ?—I will write to them and find out why.

Do you voluntarily subscribe to the following oath of membership, to wit:

I, Joe Meadows, solemnly promise, in the presence of these members of the Piney Woods Local Boai d that, until I become thoroughly acquainted with the rates and rules of this Board, I will submit all my daily reports to the other agents for inspection and approval before sending same to the company ; that in my dealings with brother agents hereafter I will treat them with all the marked deference due their rank ; that I will never talk insurance to a man when any other agent is standing around ; that I will not solicit a risk on which any brother agent is writing, nor will I take note, written or mentally, of any expiration that may

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