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come to my knowledge ; that I will always quote a rate a little higher than tariff calls for, so as to give a chance to fall if some agent offers to write at less rate, previous mercantile training enabling me to do this gracefully ; that I will never give more than one box of cigars with every $5 premium that I write—this not excluding me from giving baby rattles and toys out of stock as bridal presents. Further, I will never draw comparisons between furniture and fixtures in my office and that of brother agents that might engender feelings of discontent and force some agent to quit business."

Of course, as soon as Joe put his fist to that bond and agreement his business name became Dennis, and Ichabod was practically wrote up over his office door in red letters. Everywhere he went he was dogged by Thompson and Beaseley, and every daily report he submitted to them was sent back for correction, and meanwhile they talked his man into their companies. We don't approve of the habit of taking intoxicants, but if ever there was a virtuous drunk on God's footstool Joe Meadows is enjoying it at this time. Before this thing is through we expect to see the City Marshal and the Insurance Commissioner both take a hand.


THE fire insurance companies in the trust are flying higher and higher all the time, and it will take a free-silver victory and a high town license to tone them down so that they will fit their pants. Mr. Ab. Walker, as nice a gentleman as there is in Piney Woods, and a

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